Insulated Curtains

Energy Conservation with Insulated Curtains

Insulated curtains not only add the finishing touch of style to a home, which regular curtains do, but they also contribute to energy conservation. Windows cause a drastic change in room temperature and insulated curtains can literally cover the problem. There are multiple places throughout a house that heat is lost and using curtains to curb the problem is inexpensive.

During warmer seasons insulted curtains block the flow of hot air entering a room, therefore reducing the battle between hot outside temperatures and an inside air conditioner. They act in the same way during the winter,reducing the cold air flow. Insulated curtains efficiently help control room temperatures.

The most common insulated curtains are made with cotton, linen, or polyester. Insulated curtains are made with a thick multilayered design or a tight weave of fabric. Both styles help prevent air transfer and endless designs and sizes can be made to fit any window. With insulated curtains there is also the choice of having them be light filtering or room darkening.

An unusual and uncommon insulated curtain is a very thin silver sheet. This is not a very appealing look in a home but it is extremely efficient.aling look in a home but it is extremely efficient.