November 30, 2018 Curtains 0

Curtain Rods Made for Any Window. Choose from decorative curtain rods, magnetic, wrought iron and many more


From classic to traditional or contemporary, curtain rods, including waverly drapery rods are available for any design theme. Most curtain rods are made of steel, wrought iron, wood, or brass. The shape, size, finish, and material can be altered on most curtain rods to match the measurements and look of a window. The variety of finishes on curtain rods makes it easy to match the colors of a room or curtain.


     Both spring rods and magnetic rods require no hardware for hanging. Spring curtain rods for windows have a spring like mechanism which pushes it outward, holding it in place. A magnetic rod holds itself in place with a magnet against a steel doorway or surface. Transverse curtain rods are another very common rod. They change to precisely fit any window width.


     More decorative curtain rods are the sash rods and café sash rods. Sash curtain rods are an extra thin rod that mounts flush to the wall about two inches above the window. A café sash curtain rod is almost the same except it is wider around than a sash rod.  Café sash rods are not flush to the wall. Both of these curtain rods can be matched with an endless amount of decorative finials.