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Curtain Rods

November 30, 2018 Curtains 0

Curtain Rods Made for Any Window. Choose from decorative curtain rods, magnetic, wrought iron and many more   From classic to traditional or contemporary, curtain rods, including waverly drapery rods are available for any design theme. Most curtain rods are made of steel, wrought iron, wood, or brass. The shape, size, finish, and material can… Read more

How to choose the right set of curtains

November 30, 2018 Curtains 0

It is repeatedly recommended by decorators to consider a few things while choosing curtain style, fabric and design. Remember to consider the position of the window you are covering and how much light is let in through it. This will help in choosing the correct fabric or deciding to get lined or unlined window curtains.… Read more